An article from the Tampa Tribune 12/16/197

      "Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, so the mind reflects the light of the heart. There's a
      being within the depth of the soul, Latent sleeping. Awake! Behold!"- Parabrahm Greeting,
White Witch
What does the name "White Witch" conjure up? If it brings to mind Archimedes circles, neon crosses and five spooky
musicians, you're thinking of the Tampa rock band, "White Witch", a group recently described as "on the verge of
making it BIG."
Their single, "And I'm Leaving," is being played on local radio stations and their album "White Witch", was recently
released on Capricorn records. "White Witch" is lead singer Ronn Goedert, lead guitarist Buddy Richardson, Bass
guitarist Rabbi Barbee,
Drummer Bobby Shea, and on keyboard, moog synthesizer, Buddy Pendergrass. If their style does capture national
fame and fortune aren't their primary goals, they say. What's important is the metaphysical message they want to put
Are they really white witches? As a witch of the whiter variety myself, my first reaction would be to say, "No" But in a
broader sense, after I think about it for a while, maybe they are witches.
      They do not claim that they are witches in the religious, traditional sense. But they chose their name
      carefully-white, meaning pure and good; witch (a derivative of wicca) meaning "craft of the wise."
      And they say they want to seek and share spiritual wisdom.


How do you put across spiritual wisdom at a rock concert? "We like to take people through
      changes, through many emotional moods. After an initial greeting, we take the audience from light
      happiness to moody, mystical feelings. But if you see us and don't get the message, at the very least
      we're there to entertain you," said Richardson.
      If the lead singer's body contortions don't bewitch you, there are the props supplied by Warner
      Brothers. Three spiraling Archimedes circles churn in the darkness, a neon cross blinks in the
      background, and fire flashes about the stage. Plastic prophets? Neon religion? Or maybe just an
      ingenious method to shock one into new dimensions of perceiving.
      "White Witch" started to move after a few of the band members read a book on positive thinking
      and then decided to apply it to their work, said Richardson. Goedert and Richardson are both
      Rosicrucians (a secret society devoted to occult studies) and are into the Jesus Freak movement.
      The whole band shares a common interest in spiritual growth, said Richardson. Instead of an
      impersonal "hello", it's always, "I greet your spiritual being."
      "We believe you have a spiritual being inside. Your body is just a tool. We're not saying we're gods;
      we're not saying we're witches to the extent that we practice the witchcraft religion. We are students
      of the occult," said Goedert.
      Their different astrological signs (Cancer, Leo, Aries, Virgo and Libra ) add to the contrast in
      personalities and presentation.
      While some of their songs, which they write themselves, seem crude and inconsistent, many lines do
      present a metaphysical base.
      "And I'm Leaving" is basically about a guy in love with a girl, but it goes deeper than that," said
      Richardson. "The guy is at a certain stage of spiritual growth. The song doesn't indicate what stage
      the girl is at. But although he loves her very much, he's going through a spiritual change, and he must
      leave her to fulfill it." he explained.
      Another selection asks, "What sort of mental state are you going through?" You put your lightning
      bugs inside of a jar, you raped your little girl inside of a car, have you ever thought of changing?"
      Change is what White Witch is all about. They've got shock value, unexpected word comparisons,
      tinsel-mystical apparatus, bumps and grinds, the mixing of God and Witch into one stage message. It
      may be awe-inspiring, but it jolts the mind and presents a real show.
      And because a true witch is an eclectic-- that is, she borrows from other religions and makes them
      work better for her, maybe you could classify them as white witches. They are reaching out in all
      In "The Gift" they chant; To bring good where there once was evil. To bring love where there once
      was hate. To bring wisdom where there once dwelled ignorance. This is the power of White Witch."
      I'd welcome that philosophy in my coven any day.

This article was written by Phil Teague but I am not sure what publication it was featured in.

By Phil Teague

White Witch, a colorful and rather bizarre five piece pop musical group, performed Wednesday night at 8 o'clock to a full
house in Wright Auditorium on the ECU campus.
A group of 5 musicians hailing from the Tampa, Florida area, just recently completed a five show tour in which they
appeared around the country with the popular and infamous ALICE COOPER troupe. But make no mistake about any
comparison between the two groups. Although some analogy may be drawn between these groups in relation to their
physical appearance and somewhat licentious showman ship, the similarities end when the music begins. After playing in
the shadow of the ALICE COOPER group over the past few months, the members of WHITE WITCH are understandable
sensitive to any attempt at comparison. According to WHITE WITCH manager, Pat Lewis, "We have an all together
different show and our music is original"
The group, which has been together for a year and a half, just recently recorded their first album which was released in
July by Capricorn Records.
White Witch is RONN GOEDERT lead vocals and percussion,
BUDDY RICHARDSON lead guitar and vocals,
BUDDY PENDERGRASS keyboards and vocals and
BOBBY SHEA drums and vocals.
Their music ranges from hard rock to blues to jazz to ballads. The members of WHITE WITCH are in the fullest sense
serious about their music and the beliefs they express through it. They do not wish their name to be associated with
black magic or witchcraft. The name "WHITE WITCH" receives it's derivation from the word "Witch" which comes from the
word "Wicca" meaning "Wise One", and the words WHITE WITCH has always been symbolic of purity and cleanliness. As
RONN GOEDERT announces at the beginning of their act "To bring good where there once was evil, to bring love where
there once was hate, to bring wisdom where there once was ignorance, this is the power of WHITE WITCH".

 This is an old article from ZOO WORLD dated August 28 1972, you know, if you add the date
      2+8+1+9+7+2= 29 now add that 2+9 =11 now add that 1+1= 2! now let's do the same thing
      with the magic numbers that appear on the face of our guitar hero and space wizzard BUDDY
      R. 13/ 7, 1+3+7=11 add that 1+1 = 2! I am not going to get so into the numerological aspects of
      this mystical band right now but I will tell you this. the #2 has a strong significance in their
      project and I am thinking about doing a whole page on it! They had 2 lps! the numerological
      value of the name WHITE WITCH is 2! OK i'll stop! check out this quaint little article from
      ZOO WORLD....oh my god! I just checked my chart, you know what the numerological power
      of "ZOO WORLD" is? you got it! 2!

At last we've got an American rock group that possesses the fiercely fascinating sound of  DEEP PURPLE or LED
ZEPPELIN, plus conveying the white magic side of BLACK SABBATH  with an added, more lyrical bent! The group is
WHITE WITCH, a Tampa, Florida, aggregation, that possesses a great deal of promise for beating the British at their
own game. Besides appealingly heavy guitar/bass combinations and a mystical/monstrous keyboard/moog contribution,
the group get their distinctive sound from lead singer RONN GOEDERT. He possesses one of those rare and
remarkable white-eagle-scream voices like IAN GILLAN or ROBERT PLANT, the kind of voice that rivets audiences to
their seats. Yet he can sound quite relaxed and melodious when that's what the song needs musically. The definite
singles pick from this LP is "DON'T CLOSE YOUR MIND" which is both compelling and hummable, a solid piece of
material. Several other AM possibilities from WHITE WITCH include "AND I'M LEAVING" a smooth easy-beat ballad with
explosive choruses and good top 40 feel. "HELP ME LORD" which has interesting ELP-ish organ riffs and eagle-scream
vocal , and "ILLUSION" a
great, hard-rocking, mostly instrumental cut, complete with moog, flashing guitar riffs, and wailing, eerie vocals, A top FM
airplay item which could be a good, riffy AM instrumental with an edit. Other
interesting cuts, "HOME GROWN GIRL" and the jazzy "SLEEPWALK"

This is a small article from an old 70's publication, this was in their FAST SPINS section. A section dedicated to quick
record reviews it's titled AND I'M LEAVING. You may notice this short article tries to give the correct pronunciation of
RONN'S last name. I might add, all of Ronn's friends & family say it's pronounced GO-DARE.

WHITE WITCH is a group from Tampa which has dedicated itself to the positive uses of the occult, and has in the
process produced some delightful rock music. The groups first album, "WHITE WITCH", has gotten considerably better
then average reception for a new act, both on the airwaves & in the marketplace, which leads one to the refreshing
conclusion that there's still room for some good folks in the cold, hard world of rock. "AND I'M LEAVING" is an especially
gentle & wistful moment from the album, featuring the voice of RONN GOEDERT (ga-DAIRT) & the keyboards of BUDDY
PENDERGRASS (Which are the two fellows who wrote the song.)

This is a  great current article  written by the well informed BRIAN L. NIGHT. He has a section at his web site called the
CAPRICORN CHRONICLES. You can check his web site out by clicking HERE
White Witch (Capricorn Chronicles)

1972 was a good year for both progressive music, hard rock and Glam rock.
David Bowie released Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars; T-Rex released Slider; Pink Floyd cut
Obscured By Clouds; Yes released Close To the Edge and Alice Cooper recorded Schools Out. If you were a youth in
1972 and you wanted all of these albums, which would you choose?
The answer would be "None".
The answer would lie with Florida’s White Witch.
In 1972, White Witch, who was the south’s and Capricorn record’s answer to the hard
rock/Glam/progressive sounds, released this debut album.
The quintet consisted of vocalist Ronn Goedert (who had
to be an influence on Axel Rose);
guitarist Buddy Richardson (whose work is reminiscent of Mick Ronson and is
mysteriously missing from the liner notes);
organist Buddy Pendergrass (who loved Jimmy Smith but sounded like
Keith Emerson);
bassist Beau Fisher and drummer Bobby Shea.
The songs on this album possess a little of
everything: Beatles-like harmonies on "You’re the One"; the jazzy sounds of "Sleepwalk"; the progressive
extended jams of "Don’t Close Your Mind" and the all out rocking "Home Grown Girl (which was apparently
written in the band’s dressing room before opening for Alice Cooper). White Witch is a great find for all fans of
seventies music and a "must get" for somebody who wants some new music but don’t want to listen to anything that was
recorded after 1979.

This is a short article from a web site called DINOSAUR DAYS.
                     White Witch
White Witch - Help me Lord, taken off their debut, self titled album, released in 1972. Capricorn recording artists White
Witch were a sort of "glam/hard rock" outfit formed in the US, glam in the sense that make-up was very much part of
their act, and hard rock in the sense that they could deliver the riffs with the best of them, similar to England's
Silverhead. Led by vocalist Ronn Goedert, the band was made up of Bobby Shea on drums, Beau Fisher on bass,
Buddy Pendergrass on keyboards and
Buddy Richardson on guitars.
Information on this great band is hard to track down, but what we can tell you is that they recorded two albums, the
second one, "A spiritual Greeting", being released in 1974, for the label before splitting in the mid seventies. Goedert
released a solo album in 1980 with Molly Hatchet's bassist, Riff West. Both White Witch albums were released on CD a
few years ago and are worthwhile additions to your collection.